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Is an international, Independent and non-profit company, founded on june of 1995, by a group of profesional with a recognized background within the international maritime comunity.Since our fundation we are an organization strogly committted with safety of life at sea, conservation of enviroment and permanent compliance any National and International Maritime Convetions.

PMSC began operations on 1996, as Recognized Organization (RO), when the Republic of Panama grants, through directorate of Consular and Maritime Affairs (Today Panama Maritime Authority) Resolution Num.603-04-64- ALCN of february 1996, the authorization to carry out surveys, inspection and issance of statutory certificates, on behalf of Republic of Panama, to Panamanian Flag vessels, according National and IMO regulations

The conservation of envioroment, imprvement on image of Merchant vessels, with an open and direct disposition of cooperation with all International and National Maritime Organization and Administration, in charge to keep worldwide safety of navigation, constitutes a complement of assumed responsibility of our organization since its beginning

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All personal of PMSCS are suject and acounts with a proper academic degree and experience on different areas related with multiple aspects of international maritime activities.

Theraidity, efficiency and economy of our services are based on a network of services, at present time composed with more than 40 Represntative Offices; agroup of professionals on different fields related to maritime sector and related activities. located on strategic points around the wordl, our service network is constantly on expansion with 24 hours of service 365 days of the year. a program of training and permanent update, allows our surveyors to offer and perform the contrated services on proper and efficiente way at all times


Statutory & Class Certification

We are autorized by the goverment of Panama, to issue the following certificates.


1 Certificate Of Classification – Hull & Machinery

2 Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate SAFECON

3 Cargo Ship Safety Equipament Certificate SAFEQ

4 Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate SAFRA

5 Safety Management Certificate SMC (ISM)

6 Document of Compilance DOC (ISM)

7 International Ship Security Certificate ISSC (ISPS)

8 International Load Line Certificate ILL

9 International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate IOPP

10 International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate IAPP

11 Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate EIAPP

12 International Energy Efficiency Certificate IEEC

13 International Sewage Pollutions Preventions Certificate ISPP

14 International Tonage Certificate ITC

15 Certificate of Inspection of Crew Accommodation CICA

16 Maritime Labor Convention 2006 MLC

17 Cargo Ship Safety Certificate-Ships under 500 SAFCE

18 Safety Radio Certificate for Ships under 300 SARCE

19 Caribbean Cargo Ship Safety Certificate CCSSC

20 Carriage of Dangerous Good DOCCDG

21 Document of Authorization for Carriage of Grain DACG

22 Pleasure Vessel Safety Certificate PVSC

23 International Anti-Fouling System IAFS


25 Garbage Pollution Prevention Certificate GPPC

26 Certificate of Test and Through Examination of Lifting Appliances CGC

27 Fishing Vessel Safety Certificate FISVEL  



The Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP) is a program that seeks to implement emergency preporedness strategies for Panama Canal waters. Apply to every Comercial Vessel that transit the Panama Canal with a 400 Metric Ton (MT)or more carrying capacity of oil as cargo and or fuel



Manuals, Plans & Booklets Elaboration

PMSCS Head Office is capable to elaborate Manuals, Plans and Booklets as per ower/representative request.











PMSCS is capable to review and apprve plans, manuals, booklets on behalf of several Maritime administrations.


  1. Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Prevention Approval                              
  2. Ship Board Marine Pollution Emergency Prevention Approval          
  3. Ship Security Plan Approval                                                                       
  4. Garbage Management Plan Approval                                                    
  5. Ballast Water Management Plan Approval                                            
  6. Cargo Securing Manual Approval                                                            
  7. Intact Stability Code / Booklet Approval                                                
  8. Fire Safety Plan Approval                                                                          
  9. Emergency Towing Arrangement and procedures Approval            
  10. Ship energy efficiency management plan                                            


Consultancy Service

More than - PMSCS offers its customers a broad spectrum of high-quality services tailored to the demands faced during the diferent phases of a ship´s liftime. Desingn and construction issues are to the forefont, along with our range of services to help shipping lines operate their ships safely and realiably.




ISPS & ISM Code Certification

PMSCS provides advisory and Certification services for shipping companies:

• ISPS Code

• ISM Code

• Any special national requirements applicable for the certification process



















Anual Safety Inspections (ASI) -

PMSCS, assist its customers to organize and perform ASI inspections to their fleet. Coordinating with the local ASI inspector wherever to the Vessel is located.



Maritime Labor Convention, 2006

PMSCS, will guide ship´s owener to obtain the MLC, 2006 certification by:

• Implementation: helping owner/ship manager/opertator to familiarize with the Convention.

• Survey & Certification: a certified surveyor will inspect the ship to ensure that it meets the requirements of the MLC and after full compliance o certificate will be ussued








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